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Accurate information for effective competition analysis

There is a huge amount of unstructured data on the internet, which is not readily accessible or even fit to be reused. All this data, if incorporated in to your business intelligence and analytics can offer multiple opportunities to improve your competitive advantage and decision making capabilities.

PSS Web scraping or web crawling services help your business to extract useful data from HTML web pages and convert it in to well-organized Excel spreadsheets, XML or MySQL databases, where the data is indexed and readily accessible. Our team is proficient in executing both automated and manual web scraping projects.

Our Web Scraping experts are skilled not only in web data scraping services but also in web data scraping application development. We are equipped with latest tools and technology to handle complex data scraping requirements and have experience of dealing with all kinds of complexities and challenges such as:

  • Complex and inconsistent data
  • Javascript loaded data
  • Flash embedded data
  • Restrictions on the number of page views per IP addresses

Our web scraping projects follow a three-step approach:
  1. Crawl the website/links : download the relevant data according to pre-defined crawling rules
  2. Extract the required features/data from each webpage
  3. Export these features to an output file or database (Access, MySQL and Excel Spreadsheet)