Product Engineering » System Automation
Achieving maximum efficiency with high availability and increased reliability

Are you still relying on manual processes which are inconsistent and error-prone?
Does your work-force focus more on repetitive tasks rather than implementing powerful business strategies?
Are you able to make informed business decisions from a clear status report of your employees?

Our System Automation practice focuses on streamlining, optimizing and automating the key IT and business processes that drive value for your organization. PSS can help you to automate the workflow of enterprise-wide applications, IT and Business processes that span multiple platforms, organizational boundaries and computer networks.

PSS Automation Practice has an extensive experience in the automation domain for product design, software development and system integration. PSS provides a full spectrum of product engineering services and solutions at all levels of automation.

Enterprise Applications and IT services
The major challenge faced by organizations worldwide is to maintain a complex ecosystem of disparate systems and IT applications running on mainframes, servers and databases.

We can help reduce the time to deliver services while building a business-driven, agile infrastructure where repetitive manual tasks and the workflow of your applications are automated. PSS helps you to automate your business's critical computing assets to ensure high availability and excellent performance of your enterprise-wide applications.

We deal in a wide range of automation initiatives that includes installations, application integration, server/network monitoring, Issue resolution and administration tasks like creating users, deleting files, data backup etc.
PSS Value Proposition
Agile infrastructure to respond to changes efficiently
Increased availability of critical applications
Enhanced performance of IT services
Reduced operational expenses
Increased staff productivity
Shortened delivery span

Complex Business Process Automation
Do you constantly strive to optimize and streamline your key business processes to drive more value to your customers?
How do you plan to retain that competitive edge in today’s high-strung market?

You can increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service by automating your customer-facing and internal business processes. At PSS, we understand that your business processes gather, distribute, analyze and integrate important data that goes into the strategic decision making. PSS capabilities and expertise in automating complex business processes will help you to streamline inefficient processes and operations with reliable, repeatable and error-free automation. We will help you optimize your key business-driven processes irrespective of existing infrastructure and legacy applications.
PSS Value Proposition
Better access to accurate data to make informed decisions
Increased process speed
Enhanced reliability and control
Improved customer service
Increased operational efficiency
Increased productivity