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Legacy applications and infrastructure restricts innovation as they lack the ability to adapt to changing business needs. As businesses consider migrating their applications, platform and even hosting site-location, migration projects face some key challenges:

  • What applications or components should be migrated?
  • How to reduce high costs of migration projects?
  • How to mitigate migration risks?
  • Will there be loss of critical data?
  • Will there be business disruptions?
  • What if the target application is constantly changing?

PSS manages complex migration and upgrades of business applications with minimum impact to your business. Our Migration services:

PSS Migration Methodology: For a risk-free Migration Roadmap
Our migration methodology is a five phased approach designed to minimize all the potential risks involved in your migration project.

  • Migration Assessment
  • Migration Planning
  • Migration Execution
  • Migration Testing
  • Go-Live Support
PSS Value Proposition
Choosing the right technology for your migration project
Mature, validated migration methodology
Detailed understanding of legacy and target environments
Automation tools for migration and testing
An agile, iterative project delivery approach
Integrated project repository and communication platform
Performance benchmarking