Core Team

Ashok Singh
CEO & Director
(IT Operations)
Blend of executive and business acumen, Ashok founded PSS with a very simple belief that extraordinary emphasis on QA and customer service excellence is the key to achieve competitive advantage and that extra edge. Steering through the challenges of a start-up business, his visionary leadership and focus on planned execution has instilled accountability and efficiency measures across entire PSS business and IT efforts. His strong planning abilities, both tactical and strategic, seek to enhance PSS value proposition and identify new business opportunities. His primary responsibilities are to formulate and implement short-term and long-term strategic plans and policies, oversee PSS operations and develop and manage an efficient organisational hierarchy.

Ashok holds a Bachelors of Technology and a post graduation diploma in Advance Computing

President, Co-founder
Kanchan, along with the CEO, formulates and implement the overall strategic plan that guides the direction PSS operations. These long-term and short-term strategies surround all lines of business including marketing, client-orientation, research and development of existing and new business solutions. She ensures that all lines of business within organization are running efficiently, within the budget and in accordance with CEO directives. She manages this role by assessing that adequate technological, human and financial resources are available to carry out the business plan successfully. Her role as a president and co-founder finds her developing and managing performance measurements across cross-functional teams.

Kanchan holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce and a post graduation diploma in Computing.

Pravin Singh
Vice President,
Global Delivery Head
Pravin is responsible for PSS global delivery function and customer orientation across all PSS operating geographies. With a strong 5+ years of project management experience, leadership attributes and excellent process knowledge, he builds strategic and collaborative relationships with partners, customers, strategic vendors, and senior level management. He has diverse experience in dealing with clients across multiple domains and multiple business functions. Tactical handling of scope issues, conflict resolution and proven commitment to provide solutions to clients on time, every time makes him a competent global delivery head.

Pravin hold a post graduation diploma in Marketing and Sales Management and Business Management.

Monika Tyagi
Corporate Communications
& Client Engagement
Monika is responsible for PSS corporate identity management and marketing portfolio management. She implements and oversees external and internal communication programs that help PSS highlight its brand positioning. She has an extensive experience in developing sales and marketing collateral (Corporate Brochures, Press Releases and Newsletters) and information collateral (White Papers, Datasheets and Case Studies). In addition to this, Monika manages client engagements that involve setting and managing client expectations by identifying and gathering requirements in a streamlined and organized way. She maintains a strong connect between technical team’s understanding of requirements and final delivery. Her excellent communication skills and attention to details help her to keep client engagements on track and advance lasting professional ties with clients.

Monika holds a Masters degree in Chemistry and post graduation diploma in Journalism.

Jyoti Prakash
Technology &
Product Development
Jyoti is a senior technology professional skilled in software architecture, design and development of embedded and software products. He is chiefly designated to oversee product development activities with his strong technology expertise and deep understanding of agile development methodology as well as traditional development approaches. His major experience in effectively managing the product scope, requirements, design and business process throughout the development process ensures that schedules and quality standards of the deliverables are adhered to each time and every time. Jyoti drives PSS development and QA team with his unique style of encouraging creative thinking, open communication and transparent problem resolution within the team.

Jyoti holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications.