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Delivering application acceleration across WAN

High Performance, Continuity, Security and Bandwidth optimization
How is success of an application quantified? Simply, by high performance, minimal disruptions, and all-time availability in a highly secure environment. However, businesses today face tough challenges in delivering these parameters when delivering applications across WAN (wide area networks).

Major challenges are:
  • Applications to run seamlessly in a complex, distributed network
  • Globalization, remote users: slow response time, network delay between users, applications and remote components
  • Applications requiring high bandwidth: expansion of bandwidth resources, costly bandwidth upgrades
  • Application scalability
  • Hampered business continuity
  • Limited disaster recovery options

With optimization, businesses can eliminate these bottlenecks and substantially improve application performance, bandwidth utilization and security.

PSS offers optimization solutions to your application portfolio with different set of requirements that includes IP based applications, web-based applications requiring high bandwidth for transactions in terms of heavy file transfers, VoIP, and video streaming. We will ensure that your applications execute in an optimal manner and help you meet your business objectives.
PSS Value Proposition
Improved and consistent response times
Reduced bandwidth utilization
Minimized business disruption
Simplified IT environment
Improved security and reduced risks
Increased disaster recovery options
Reduced maintenance costs