Application Modernization » Application Integration
Single point accountability across distributed applications, networks and technology

Distributed applications across multiple platforms and technologies create challenges for a smooth flow of information across all points of business interfaces. Remote locations for application hosting such as on-premise, Managed or cloud-based create even bigger integration challenges for businesses.

Major business and technology drivers for Application integration are:
  • Increasing interface volumes
  • Restricted exchange of critical data and information across disparate components
  • Less collaboration among processes, people and business
  • Flexibility issues to adapt to changing business and technical needs

PSS offers SOA and application integration services to enable real-time information sharing and integrated business processes across complex, heterogeneous IT infrastructure. The new generation of our integration solutions involves robust integration platforms to deliver integration facilities for both on-premise and cloud based applications. Our Integration capabilities span across the following:

PSS Value Proposition
Reduces interface volumes
Increased business efficiency through streamlined processes
Flexibility to adapt to changing technological needs
High availability and reliability of mission-critical applications
Improved customer service
Significant cost savings