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Reduced downtime, high availability and performance: A reliable application eco-system

Effective application management is a strategic imperative for any business. IT has become a business enabler to all industries today, so the need to make sure that applications are at their peak performance with minimum downtime has become critical to the success of any business.

Your expanding application portfolio means integration of new technologies such as SOA in to your IT ecosystem, making your infrastructure more complicated, prone to failures and difficult to manage. Failure of business-critical applications, downtimes or performance issues not only leads to considerable financial losses and take your competitive edge a notch down, it also lowers customer satisfaction.

At PSS, we meet your challenges of ongoing product support and maintenance with a wide spectrum of services aimed to substantially lower your maintenance expenditure while ensuring timely response and guaranteed service levels. PSS application Management Services provide real-time visibility and proactive management across the entire stack—server, OS, JVM, portal server, integration middleware, application server and underlying databases.

Our spectrum of Application Management Services includes:
  • Assessment
  • :
  • Define scope, service level agreements

  • Monitoring
  • :
  • End-to-end performance monitoring, diagnostics and root-cause analysis across the broad application environment and its underlying technology stack

  • Maintenance
  • :
  • Bug-Fixes, Patch releases, Change Requests, Release management

  • Support
  • :
  • 2nd and 3rd Level Support, Incident management
PSS Value Proposition
SLA compliance and best industry standards like ITIL
Manage SOA-based technologies
Increased application performance and availability.
Predict emerging problems and rapid remediation of issues before they impact customers
Reduced cost of maintenance